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0000695Spring engineGeneralpublic2008-06-07 04:46
Assigned ToLordMatt 
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Summary0000695: Dual Screen Bug With Free Look Scroll Mode (click middle mouse to get crosshair)
DescriptionIf you enter Free Look Scroll Mode (at least I that's what I think its called), which you activate by clicking the middle mouse button in to get a cross hair, when you click back out of it it puts the mouse pointer in the center of the minimap, rather than in the center of your view port, as it was before. This happens to me with minimap on the left, but I dunno if it happens with minimap on the right or is another minimap on left specific bug. Plz fix it's annoying. :)
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el_matarife (reporter)

This should be tested at 7PM GMT if we have someone who has a dual monitor setup. Probably not a blocking or major bug, fix as time permits maybe in the inevitable .76b2


LordMatt (reporter)

This was fixed some time ago, and trepan applied a fix for a similar problem in r5993

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