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0006454Spring engineGeneralpublic2023-04-23 11:33
Assigned Toabma 
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Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0006454: spring-dedicated does not start
DescriptionThe spring-dedcated of builds 174 and later refuse to start.
Build 169 works for me.

I failed to find anything suspicios in the diff between the versions.

I was unable to reproduce the issue when building from source.
Steps To Reproduce1. Start ./spring-dedicated.

Observed behavior:
./spring-dedicated: /lib64/libpthread.so.0: version `GLIBC_PRIVATE' not found (required by ./spring-dedicated)

Expected behavior:
spring-dedicated should print its help.
Additional InformationObjdump shows broken spring-dedicated importing GLIBC_PRIVATE:

objdump --all spring-dedicated | grep GLIBC_PRIVATE -C1
  required from libpthread.so.0:
    0x0963cf85 0x00 06 GLIBC_PRIVATE
    0x09691a75 0x00 07 GLIBC_2.2.5

I don't think it should import the symbol, no idea why it does it.
Checked infolog.txt for ErrorsIrrelevant
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abma (administrator)


../../rts/System/Platform/Misc.cpp:117: warning: Using 'getpwuid' in statically linked applications requires at runtime the shared libraries from the glibc version used for linking
../../rts/lib/asio/include/asio/detail/impl/socket_ops.ipp:3343: warning: Using 'getaddrinfo' in statically linked applications requires at runtime the shared libraries from the glibc version used for linking


abma (administrator)

should be fixed by


currently waiting for a full rebuild: i guess cmake cached the wrong lib to link to.


abma (administrator)

hm, i've wasted already several hours with getting static compiles work again: its fixable but is it worth the trouble?

IMHO we should target to ship spring as flatpak: what do you think?

springlobby already is and it works mostly nice, so this shouldn't be an issue for spring. spads + springlobby + pr-downloader needs to be adjusted for this, but it shouldn't break this easy as static builds.

linux is made for shared libs :-|


CommanderSpice (reporter)

I am not a fan of flatpak and would prefer fixing the static build.

I'll have a look at it.

The build machine just builds with PREFER_STATIC_LIBS and spring, spring-headless and spring-dedicated should be linked statically, except for unitsync?


abma (administrator)

no, its much more complicated:

it compiles with these self-compiled libs:


i guess one of the libs has a missing / wrong parameter.

my flatpak is working:



CommanderSpice (reporter)

After playing around with it for some time, I agree: static linking is no fun, at least not with glibc.
I tried the flatpak and it works for me with a small fix: https://github.com/spring/com.springrts.Spring/pull/1

Do you want me to do anything for SPADS/springlobby/pr-downloader?

They probably need to be aware of a possible flatpak installation, and in case of SPADS, install/update it.
I think it would be useful to still allow a non-flatpak engine.


CommanderSpice (reporter)

For the record, I was able to build pr-downloader using this:

This can use the libs as pkg-config returns them (-lfoo) and it fails if one of the static libraries is missing.
The resulting binary is only linked dynamically to glibc and the GCC runtime, which might be enough to run it on decently current systems.
If I am not mistaken, the engine is supposed to use dynamic linking for the hardware access libs (SDL, OpenGL, OpenAL) anyway.

But I don't really like it.
Flatpak looks like a better alternative, despite the complexity it adds.


abma (administrator)

yeah, i guess the flatpak is the way to go. but this makes unitsync problematic as the data is required by springlobby.

i'll try to fix https://github.com/springlobby/springlobby/issues/48 and basicly get rid of unitsync and then to make all work again.


abma (administrator)

i've hit the same bug for an other project, very likely one of the crashes we got is a bug in openssl / pthread / libc:


so, to fix we should try with glibc >= 2.34 which means debian 12 for the buildslave.


CommanderSpice (reporter)

Using glibc >= 2.34 does not help with the crash.

I am going for a glibc/musl build:
- Build engine-opengl4, libunitsync.so with glibc and minimal dynamic linkage.
- Build engine-dedicated, engine-headless, pr-downloader, mapcompile, mapdecompile with musl and static linkage.

I have got a proof of concept for the Linux build. Just needs some cleaning up.

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