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0006354Spring engineGeneralpublic2019-12-12 00:43
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Product Version104.0 +git 
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Summary0006354: [Feature Request] Add a hitscan weapontype
DescriptionTechnically, iirc and if it still exists in the engine, we already have one... Rifle. However, iirc rifle has a hardcoded particle effect and some other unwanted baggage.

I would like for a hitscan weapontype that has no real special parameters. The ability to assign a ceg to the projectile hit. The ability to ignore terrain would be nice, as in it can hit through a hill for example, this is useful for certain types of games (like starcraft style siege tanks).

This would be really useful for melee units as lasers and cannons tend to be unpredictable at times for this purpose (lasers sometimes don't hit, cannons sometimes explode the projectile without doing damage, etc).

Perhaps rifle could be repurposed?
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