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0006320Spring engineGeneralpublic2019-10-15 22:13
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StatusresolvedResolutionno change required 
Product Version104.0 +git 
Target VersionFixed in Version104.0 +git 
Summary0006320: Font drawing on develop
DescriptionI'm trying to put some text on the screen on develop, but the text doesn't appear in the expected place.

As far as I was able to understand from the engine code, the font handlers load default shader and should set right matrices for the shader. Still I got nothing.
Steps To Reproducelocal fontfile = LUAUI_DIRNAME .. "fonts/" .. Spring.GetConfigString("bar_font", "Poppins-Regular.otf")
local vsx,vsy = Spring.GetViewGeometry()
local fontfileScale = (0.5 + (vsx*vsy / 5700000))
local fontfileSize = 25
local fontfileOutlineSize = 6
local fontfileOutlineStrength = 1.4
local font = gl.LoadFont(fontfile, fontfileSize*fontfileScale, fontfileOutlineSize*fontfileScale, fontfileOutlineStrength)

function widget:DrawScreen()
    local px, py, sx, sy, cs = 500, 500, 800, 800, 8
    local tcol = WhiteStr
        font:Print(tcol.."leftleft", px, py, 50, "or")
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Kloot (developer)

1) update to 1965-g4c26c8e
2) px and py should not be given in pixels but in relative coords [0,1]


lhog (reporter)

Although the recent has made text to appear on the screen, it always appear in the left bottom part of the screen if px and py are within [0,1] range. If I go slightly over 1 or below 0 text just disappears, no actual movement of text is present.

Also aren't normalized coords supposed to only be relevant with FONT_NORM option (which is not even exposed to Lua)

font:Print(tcol.."leftleft", px, py, 0.05, "ocvB")

P.S. I'm doing wrapper, so for me normalized or screen coordinates are just a small annoyance, but overall gamedevs will prefer to define their elements in pixels, as it's consistent with the rest of the emulated GL1.x functions.


lhog (reporter)

BTW, if called in DrawWorld

font:Print() draws the text the same way as in DrawScreen* i.e. in screen space, rather than in the world space. If [0,1] coords in DrawScreen() are just small annoyance, then same [0,1] coords in DrawWorld() are totally user unfriendly (if it's not a bug).


Kloot (developer)

FONT_NORM normalizes the text *size*, not the coors. You indeed can't pass it to font:Print but that is easily fixed.

"it always appear in the left bottom part of the screen if px and py are within [0,1] range" sounds like a wrong projection matrix, the default should always be equal to glOrtho(0, 1, 0, 1, -1, 1) with rescaled z if clipctrl is enabled.

It seems LuaFonts is also missing WorldPrint, will be added later.


lhog (reporter)

>>>> the default should always be equal to glOrtho(0, 1, 0, 1, -1, 1)

Am I supposed to construct Orthographic projection myself or did you mean it was an engine bug you were going to fix?

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