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0006302Spring engineGeneralpublic2019-10-04 14:23
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Summary0006302: Convert Spring to use a local JRE for java AIs
DescriptionAsking people to install the correct (32/64 bit) version of java on their system in order to run java AIs is completely impractical. It's also not possible/practical to install system-level java through steam.

Oracles specifically states that you're allowed to package the JRE with your application pretty much however you like as long as you don't tamper with the JRE's contents. (https://java.com/en/download/faq/distribution.xml)

The easiest way to deal with this is simply to package the correct JRE into spring's directory and have it run the JRE's from there rather than going to the system. That way we can just dump the appropriate JRE (or all of the possibly used ones) into (spring-root)/java/JRE-x as is and distribute it via steam or rapid or whatever.
Additional InformationEnd java AI discrimination. :P
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Anarchid (reporter)

Passing a JAVA_HOME env-var to spring overrides any other methods of detecting the JRE location, so presumably e.g. ZK could distribute its own JRE alongside a Java AI and just launch Spring with this env var.


abma (administrator)

would a spring config setting help?

i guess multiple vms are not possible, i.e. a dedicated vm for java ais.

still zk would need to package it, but IMHO a config setting is more practical than an env var i guess?


abma (administrator)

oh, sth. like that seems to already exist:


jre.path = ... in jre-location.txt should work.


abma (administrator)

so no need to "convert": it seems to already support that feature.

can you test it and provide feedback please?

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