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Summary0006231: More movetypes
DescriptionWhile working on a Starcraft-like tech demo I've realised that I could do a lot with some additional movetypes (things that allow seperate bot and vehicle pathability). At the moment I think I would use two movedefs per unit size per allyTeam. This would be too many in a game like ZK or BA (with around 30 and 50 movedefs respectively) but would be fine in a less terrain-based game with three unit sizes. An 8-way FFA would only reach 48 movedefs. A teamgame would only have 12.

I would use these extra movedefs and movetypes to have units path around static allies but not around enemies. I've attached an explanatory picture. As a bonus, it would allow lua to make the pathfinder to not take unscouted enemies into account.

I'm not sure how feasible this is or how to best implement it. I would start by putting something similar to buildingMask on top of the current system.
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