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0006207Spring engineGeneralpublic2019-04-22 17:02
Assigned Tohokomoko 
Product Version104.0 +git 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0006207: Headless clients can't play with normal clients anymore
DescriptionIf one tries to join the same game with a headless and a normal client, one of the two will be rejected. There is a message akin to

Game: [f=-000001] Connection attempt from DeinSchlumpf
Game: [f=-000001] -> Version: 104.0.1-1217-gf4427d8 maintenance [Windows 32-bit (emulated)]
Game: [f=-000001] -> client version '104.0.1-1217-gf4427d8 maintenance' mismatch, reference is '104.0.1-1217-gf4427d8 maintenance (Headless)' set by 'bust'

Is this an intentional change?
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