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0006058Spring engineLuapublic2018-10-27 11:30
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Summary0006058: [Feature Request] Unsynced CEGs
DescriptionCEGs, despite having very low to no impact at all on the game, are still strictly synced: the defs of a ceg cannot change depending on ie a quality setting.
Some defs are very important to keep equal among all players (ie if the ceg needs los to be displayed) but most others could differ without altering game experience.

I'm asking for this feature without much knowledge on how engine handles CEG defs, nor how acheivable this would be. But from a user perspective, i feel like it could be a great addition to the engine if games could make and propose different sets of CEGs (ie. low/medium/high quality) among which each player could chose depending on his specs/needs.

Using LUPS for parts of the effect is the currently available alternative, but in terms of ergonomy, it's poorly manageable for devs, as LUPS and CEGs are completly independant from one another, from what I understand.

Is an engine change related to this something practicable in the near future or does it recquire an amount of work that can't be afforded now?
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Kloot (developer)

There could easily be slots for predefined low/medium/high quality CEG sets, but I am not sure about the added value since only a handful of people with extremely low-end systems would use the first two.

How many players in BA10's community are interested in this?


Floris (reporter)

I can confidently say: definitely the majority of the playerbase


Doo (reporter)

I could open a forum post to find if other gamedevs/users are interested if you want to have a feedback on this before taking the decision to do/not to do.
I understand that doing changes for a minority of players doesn't take priority.


tritonspring (reporter)

Yes, a lot of players needs lowest settings in big ffa/teamgames with 3k+ units, even with good computer.


Kloot (developer)

Performance in 3k+ unit games is not even close to being dominated by CEGs.

Poll first.

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