2020-05-31 19:25 CEST

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0005982Spring engineGeneralpublic2018-10-17 15:49
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Summary0005982: Minor bugs with /distdraw sprites
Description1) cloaked units ignore this setting and draw their usual transluscent 3D model.

2) when using overhead TA camera, flipping (/viewtaflip) does not affect the icons so they're drawn upside down. Other cameras' rotation is obeyed correctly.
Additional InformationI don't think anybody actually uses this setting so it's probably not worth expending any effort there but it sounds good to have a bug tracker entry regardless.
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silentwings (reporter)

Actually BA offers /viewtaflip (ctrl+shift+O iirc), and I think also the minimap doesn't flip to match.


sprung (reporter)

I think minimap not flipping is okay because the other cameras don't do that either. At any rate it's not a /distdraw issue so would probably warrant a separate ticket.

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