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0000593Spring engineGeneralpublic2007-08-22 10:55
ReporterLindir The Green 
Assigned ToKloot 
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Summary0000593: White Groundscars and Footprints
DescriptionWhite explosion groundscars and footprints are triggered for me whenever a groundscar or explosion is created any time during or after an overlay has been in use (f1, f2, f4, and los, but NOT the b debugging overlay.) From then on, every groundscar and footprint appears white instead of dark gray. This happens when and only when reflective units are enabled.
Additional InformationSystem Specs: Core 2 Duo, 2 GB of RAM, Windows Vista Home Premium (with the latest updates), and a NVIDIA GeForce Go 7900 GS, with the 163.15 32 bit Vista drivers modified to work with the mobile video card through the use of a hacked .ini file. The problem has occured with all other video card drivers tested.

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P3374H (reporter)

The weird thing is, it's inconsistent- I've had both normally coloured groundscars AND white ones on the screen at the same time, with no apparent cause for the change. It does seem to have something to do with shadows though.


tvo (reporter)

I have a demo now on which I reproducably get white groundscars when I play it.


tvo (reporter)

For me, it always happens on Altair crossing (http://spring.unknown-files.net/file/3337/Altair_Crossing_-_Version_1/) under the following conditions:

* unit reflections are on and
* shadows are on or have been on earlier in the game.


Kloot (developer)

Confirmed, except for me shadows do
not need to have been on at any point
for the scars to turn white (I have
Shadows=0 in ~/.springrc by default).


tvo (reporter)

Some OpenGL state debugging showed that GL_SRC0_ALPHA and GL_SRC1_ALPHA are swapped if the bug happens:
GL_PREVIOUS resp GL_TEXTURE if reflections and shadows are on or have been on earlier in the game,
GL_TEXTURE resp GL_PREVIOUS if reflections are on but shadows are off.


tvo (reporter)

Fixed by kloot in r4236

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