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0005773Spring engineGeneralpublic2017-09-19 22:32
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Product Version103.0 
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Summary0005773: Different and hardly predictible behaviour of planes when alt < cruisealt
DescriptionWhen alt < cruisealt it seems planes do not behave the same way as when alt>cruisealt.

More precisely, it seems that maxPitch/maxBank = 0 when alt < cruisealt
The behaviour then suddenly change when cruise alt is reached.

It seems to be related to the landing sequence being triggered by alt<cruisealt


    if (distSq <= radiusSq || (distSq < landRadiusSq && localAltitude < wantedHeight + radius)) {
        owner->SetVelocityAndSpeed(UpVector * owner->speed)

Maybe consider switching from a single cutoff = cruisealt to a more nuanced behaviour between a landing (no bank, no pitch) behaviour and a cruising (pitch and bank allowed) depending on the % of cruisealt reached ?

Another possibility would be to set the cutoff lower so that statechanges won't be spammed on small alt variations around cruisealt.

Steps To ReproduceLand/takeoff a plane (non hover)
Sometimes when getting too low/close to ground on ground slopes
Additional InformationNo need for a replay as it is easily reproductible, but in case you'd be having troubles, the behaviour is pretty obvious on ba:test.
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