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0000577Spring engineGeneralpublic2007-08-10 12:15
Assigned Toimbaczek 
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Summary0000577: Ordering units out of map borders.
Description With Total war style and free cam it is possible to make flying planes do any action off of map borders(Only East, West, North of the map). The camera source must be outside of the map borders to do so!
Additional InformationSee this video to know how to reproduce it - http://spring.unknown-files.net/file/3296/Bug_report_-_Ordering_flying_units_outside_of_border/

And this screenshot shows the bug - http://spring.unknown-files.net/picture/3296/0/

 Well I don't know whats so special of south borders of the map, but if East, West, North borders would be made the same as the south border then it could be easily fixed
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related to 0000625closed Spread move allows for moving out of borders with air units! 



imbaczek (reporter)

confirmed in r4169.


imbaczek (reporter)

I've committed a partial fix for this in r4170. There's still a UI issue (the cursor indicates that you can give an order to go to an out-of-map destination.)


Pendrokar (reporter)

But what's so special in the south border that you can't do that there??


imbaczek (reporter)

I think it's a bug in gui raytracing code. Adding logging to CGuiHandler::GetDefaultCommand reveals some strange things.


imbaczek (reporter)

fixed in r4171. note that I didn't touch CGround::LineGroundCol, but consider it somewhat wrong.

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