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0005690Spring engineLuapublic2017-08-26 14:44
Assigned ToKloot 
Product Version103.0 +git 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0005690: Spring.GetProjectileTarget returns 0,0,0 for position
DescriptionWhen a cannon weapon is force fired at ground, capturing the projectile in ProjectileCreated and querying GetProjectileTarget returns string.byte('g'), {0, 0, 0} regardless of where the attack order is.
Steps To Reproducegrab latest git of mcl or rapid version test-2098

/give la_demolisherii

force fire at the ground, enjoy position table returning all 0s.
Additional InformationCode here:

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has duplicate 0005751resolvedKloot Spring.GetProjectileTarget(proID) invalid on destroyed Projectile 



FLOZi (reporter)

A look through the code suggests it wasn't intended to be used like this, seems only used for Intercept weapons but it would be a real nice thing to have. To work round it I'd need to know which weapon on the unit fired the lbx weapon and use Spring.GetUnitWeaponTarget.


Kloot (developer)

Fix a11cc90291ccb440e2f1d9a44cb631a332e6c0e2 committed to develop branch: fix 0005690, repo: spring changeset id: 8628

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