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0000559Spring engineGeneralpublic2007-07-18 22:33
Assigned Totvo 
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Summary0000559: Stats screen does not always appear after all enemies beaten
DescriptionMyself and [LCC]Lionheart played a series of 2v2s on several differnet maps againtst various opponents. When we won and beat the last opponent, the game would just keep going. Nothing would happen. The 'h' screen (for donating units resources etc) woudl show the enemies as 'beaten', but it would not go to the stats screen and say 'you have won the game'. We had to exit manually. Nothing else seemed to be amiss.

However, if I self-destructed all my units after we won and after my ally, was still alive, it would immediately say "you have lost the game" and display the stats screen.
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tvo (reporter)

fixed in SVN. Apparently the check was done for teams in 0.75b1 instead of ally teams.

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