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0005452Spring engineGeneralpublic2017-06-01 17:36
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Product Version103.0 
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Summary0005452: building spam creates a HUGE lag in network game
DescriptionPlease take a look at this screenshot: http://i.imgur.com/vT3KXpG.jpg
one "troll" player spammed "Dragon's eye"(armeyes, small building) on the enemy side of the map. Game lagged and freezed. UI crashed too.

Steps To ReproduceReplay is attached. Take a look at [SAAD]Mando's kbot cons at 06:10
Additional InformationMaybe engine devs can improve perfomance based on this scenario?
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jamerlan (reporter)

oops I attached wrong replay.
Correct one: 20170204_220106_DeltaSiegeDry_103.sdfz


jamerlan (reporter)

please remove this file. Attached by mistake: ? 20170204_222254_DeltaSiegeDry_103.sdfz (21,046 bytes) 2017-02-04 20:42


jamerlan (reporter)

Let's imagine you will say that bug should be fixed on the game side. For example: do not allow to queue more then 50 buildings with cons. Then people will build 20 - 300 cons and lag the game.. If you say: do not allow to queue more then 50 buildings in total.. then game will be (probably) not playable


Kloot (developer)

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the solution is to send such huge orders in chunks, and for server admins to kick/ban players who abuse the engine until that is implemented.


jamerlan (reporter)

It looks like it is already applied in chunks. At least it appears in chunks.
Also even in singleplayer performance is going down very fast when you queue such buildings.


Kloot (developer)

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things that are slow here:

* engine drawing of massive build queues, mostly DrawMapStuff/ShowUnitBuildSquare
* widgets processing massive build queues, easily avoided by a /luaui disable
* handling masses of individual build orders

killing just the first two keeps framerate well within the playable range, and fixing the widget-side means trolls will only lag themselves (and maybe some unfortunate spectators with alwaysDrawQueue=1) out of the game.


nixtux (reporter)

It's game issue, run demo with commands Fx widget disabled and bingo no crash. It produces too large a table in widget:unitcommand.


nixtux (reporter)

Well the running out of memory is game side, in the replay I found commands Fx crashed at around 14k+ units in widget:unitcommand to due to no limits for table size creation.


Floris (reporter)

I applied cleaning of some tables in command fx widget ,hope this fixes it



Floris (reporter)

seems not


Floris (reporter)

Fixed the crashing (by periodically instead of directly updating newly given commands)



sprung (reporter)

-> resolved?


Kloot (developer)

"engine drawing of massive build queues" is still a perf-killer, but can't be sped up much without a GL4 rewrite which is at least one major release in the future.

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