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0005326Spring engineGeneralpublic2018-09-30 01:59
Assigned ToKloot 
Product Version103.0 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0005326: Camera jumps around

This behavior is occurring for years now.
Ctrl+f2 camera
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Floris (reporter)

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I've bind mouse thumb button to camera pan keybind, and then keep moving mouse to left while clicking the pan keybind, but camera keeps jumping back.

I've reported this issue more often but it seems to be ignored or not reproducible?


Floris (reporter)

Seems to be only happening when you move you mouse snd while doing that press the pan-camera keybind, not if mouse is standing still.


Floris (reporter)

Ok I guess I'll have to replace the buggy camera system althogether for BA and write/implement my own


Kloot (developer)

sorry, but I still can't reproduce this in any obvious way (103+) with a standard 3-button mouse and MMB bound to pan-mode.


Kloot (developer)

Fix b2e0badd3a5fa0c2e31f19849f207862d2627997 committed to develop branch: fix 0006046 0005326 0005222 0004663
one small step for Spring, repo: spring changeset id: 10756


Kloot (developer)

Fix 9e82927f50b059442b2e672b50a7969c0b378f27 committed to maintenance branch: fix 0006046 0005326 0005222 0004663
one small step for Spring, repo: spring changeset id: 10757

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