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0005313Spring engineGeneralpublic2016-07-27 15:39
Assigned Tohokomoko 
Product Version103.0 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0005313: Desync on BA with spring 103
DescriptionThey can't play because of the huge lags

for example:

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Checked infolog.txt for Errors
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abma (administrator)

in the screenshot is ~ 98% GameController::Draw

from infolog.txt:

GL version: 4.5.0 NVIDIA 353.82
GL vendor: NVIDIA Corporation
GL renderer: Quadro K2000D/PCIe/SSE2
GLSL version: 4.50 NVIDIA
[InitOpenGL] video mode set to 2560x1547:24bit @60Hz (windowed)


abma (administrator)

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screenshot is from a spectator who pressed CTRL+A with a widget enabled which draws circles arrounds all selected units.


jamerlan (reporter)

Where did you see this?

sim frame 80% CPU and red bar reflects that


jamerlan (reporter)

ah.. you are looking at wrong column: "max usage"


abma (administrator)

do unsynced gadgets which draw something take time from GameController::Draw ?

in the screenshot Lua cur usage is at 19% and Projectile-Handler at 18%...

i have problems to interpret the numbers correctly, "lag" is way to high in some columns, too.


hokomoko (developer)

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avgSimFrame: 10.0ms
avgDrawFrame 500ms

and SimFrame is on 80%

something very weird is going on here.

Also note how most players are on the green CPU.


hokomoko (developer)

ok, I've got a desync when watching the replay.
That's starting to be weird.


FabriceFABS (reporter)

Same for me : I see mass player desync scrolling messages.
IMO, Some tests are needed with other maps and other mods.


hokomoko (developer)

ZK are playing for a few days with no issues, and I think TechA too


hokomoko (developer)

Just noticed the image is from catching up which makes it entirely irrelevant

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