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0005309Spring engineGeneralpublic2016-12-17 20:55
Assigned Tohokomoko 
Product Version103.0 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0005309: Performance issues
DescriptionFor quite a lot of people..

Notice how with just 850 units there are various people with cpu's in the red:

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has duplicate 0005312closed BA: only 2000 units - game lags as hell. Unplayable. Spring 100 had such issues ~ 3000 units 



abma (administrator)

screenshot with /debug enabled would be useful...


Floris (reporter)

All I can provide is the replay for the first link:



hokomoko (developer)

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From some specing I did, I think it's mostly planes LoS.

Also, CPUs in the red isn't a very good measurement of perf issues. FPS is better.


hokomoko (developer)

Some further optimisations were added to LoS and BA switched to a lower losmiplevel

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