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0005215Spring engineGeneralpublic2016-05-03 14:55
Assigned Tohokomoko 
Product Version101.0+git 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0005215: 101.0.1-296 Units stuck on terrain
DescriptionUnits can become stuck on impassible terrain just by walking around the impassible area. They are stuck in the strong sense: no move order spam can unstick them.

I do not know whether the issue depends on units being in groups. My test case involves groups of units to increase the likelihood of occurring.
Steps To Reproduce * Pick a flat area of a map.
 * Spawn 10 corclog.
 * Spread out the corclog and self-destruct them to make some small hills.
 * Spawn 20 corak.
 * Give the corak a patrol order which takes them through the hilly area.
 * Speed up the game and wait for units to become stuck. My attached screenshot shows that 5 were stuck within 7 minuted.
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related to 0005205resolvedhokomoko BA. Commander stuck 



abma (administrator)

added a minimalistic replay.

unit basicly can be ordered to walk into the impassable terrain.


abma (administrator)

ouch, zk has 10k path updates queued at start...


Google_Frog (reporter)

That is because you used DeltaSeigeDry. I have lua which sets all typemaps to 1,1,1,1 so I suggest that you make a replay on a different map.

I amend my reproduction instructions: Use ScorpioBattleground.


hokomoko (developer)

Fix 5c6bc5d58bd32a8465175a065dc6ddbf9a424a73 committed to develop branch: Fix 0005215 0005205 and hopefully many other cases of stuck units

See comment in code.
Note that this is a significant change that should fix a lot of stuck units but can also have nasty side effects, repo: spring changeset id: 7019

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