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0005165Spring engineGeneralpublic2016-03-12 10:55
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Product Version101.0+git 
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Summary0005165: Null pointer dereference in ModelParser
DescriptionWhen ModelParser is safe deleted, if the preload thread is still running it will fail on reaching https://github.com/spring/spring/blob/87e6ba1/rts/Rendering/Models/IModelParser.cpp#L134 since the pointer is nullptr.

My solution for that would've been putting the queue handling in the modelparser itself (as I originally did).

Kloot I have a suspicion that you won't like it as you split it out of the ModelParser in the first place.
Additional Informationhttp://buildbot.springrts.com/builders/validationtests/builds/5277/steps/validation%20test/logs/stdio
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Fix 3a75f32292b097885575bb157d4d1ba65bc9b7ad committed to develop branch: fix 0005165
change modelParser from global pointer to function-static reference
s/modelParser/modelLoader to match the class name, repo: spring changeset id: 6820

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