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0005055Spring engineGeneralpublic2017-10-20 13:53
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Summary0005055: 'Activated' sound channel should be 'unitreply'
DescriptionFrom: https://springrts.com/wiki/Gamedev:UnitDefs#sounds_Events

Unit is activated, i.e. Is turned on. Also called when a mobile ground unit starts moving.

This currently uses the 'general' sound channel, but I think it should user the 'unitreply' sound channel, since these sounds are unit sounds. In practise this is the unit starts moving sound.
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abma (administrator)

are the sound events a candidate for a lua replacement?


Kloot (developer)

maybe, the current system seems adequate for most people.

wrt UnitReply: if activated is moved to that channel, so should dectivated, arrived, and build.


Jools (reporter)

Lua replacement: why not, but first there must be callin events for all of these callins, because implementing them by polling is not efficient imho. But look how few of the previously to lua delegated sounds events are actually implemented in the games, and when they are, they are wrong (yes, the ones I did too).

On the other hand, it is already not hard to override these sounds and handle them by lua, you just remove them from unitdefs or sounds.tdf.

About the sound channels: I think it depends on what the "general" channel means. You could understand the unitreply to mean an explicit reply to an order from the user, or you could understand it wider to mean any sounds emitted from an unit, also passive ones when it moves etc. But is general channel then just a synonym for "misc", ie sound that don't fit in any other channel?

Most games use the start moving sound as the activated sound (some use it for the "ok" sound instead), that is, the sound that is also played when the unit reaches one way-point along it's route. I understand this to be a sort of a unitreply. But I guess it's most important that these sounds are consequent. Names of the audio channels can be renamed in the GUI anyway so they are not so important.


sprung (reporter)

I disagree and would prefer it to stay "general". Typically [De]activated is used as "inworld" noises, machinery starting etc (think a busy base with metalmakers).

Importantly, last time I checked "unitreply" only allowed one concurrent sound.

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