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0004941Spring engineLinuxpublic2016-01-22 03:26
Assigned Toabma 
StatusresolvedResolutionno change required 
Product Version100.0 
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Summary0004941: error: undefined reference to '__atomic_is_lock_free'

one spring 100.0 test fails to build from source with GCC 5.2. The affected file is


Please find attached the full build log with the error message. The error is apparently caused by

std::atomic<int> cnt(0);

GCC 5.2 requires that -latomic must be added to the linker stage. However this might be a bug in GCC.


Perhaps it won't hurt to add -latomic anyway?

Corresponding Debian bug report:

Steps To ReproduceCompile spring 100.0 tests with GCC 5.2 on Debian GNU/Linux amd64
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abma (administrator)

i'm a bit undecided about this. 5.2 is very new, imo we should wait for 5.2.1 as this seems clearly a gcc bug.

if its fixed there, everything is fine, if not a workarround makes sense.


abma (administrator)

seems its fixed with gcc 5.3 at least

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