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0004927Spring engineGeneralpublic2015-11-29 09:00
Assigned TojK 
Product Version100.0 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0004927: unitDef.losRange returns the wrong value
DescriptionThe value returned by UnitDefs[uDID].losRange is incorrect.
The value returned by Spring.GetUnitSensorRadius(test[n][1], 'los') is correct, and always about (not but exactly) 31.5 times that returned by UnitDefs[uDID].losRange.
Steps To ReproduceUse widget code below, and give a unit.
Additional Informationlocal test = {}

function widget:UnitCreated(unitID, unitDefID, unitTeam, builderID)
    local f = Spring.GetGameFrame()
    test[f+1] = {unitID, unitDefID}

function widget:GameFrame(n)
    if test[n] then
        local ud_los = UnitDefs[test[n][2]].losRadius
        local lua_los = Spring.GetUnitSensorRadius(test[n][1], 'los')
        Spring.Echo(ud_los, lua_los, lua_los/ud_los)
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silentwings (reporter)

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Ops, meant to write losRadius (code is correct, subject is not)
Also, test[n][1]==unitID


jK (developer)

it is not wrong the UnitDefs table is
1. not the things you put in in defs.lua stage
2. not in always in the units you expect it to be
3. it is the _raw_ data the engine uses itself


silentwings (reporter)

Then, obviously, how to convert between the two?

Also, afaik every other tag listed on https://springrts.com/wiki/Gamedev:UnitDefs returned distances in elmos unless otherwise specified, so this is imo inconsistent/confusing.


Kloot (developer)

UnitDefs[i].losRadius is

    (sightDistance * modInfo.losMul) / K

GetUnitSensorRadius("los") is

    UnitDefs[i].losRadius * K == sightDistance * modInfo.losMul

the constant K is

    SQUARE_SIZE * (1 << modInfo.losMipLevel)

and it might also be helpful to keep the following snippet around

    local modRules = VFS.Include("gamedata/modrules.lua")
    local losResMult = modRules["sensors"]["los"]["losMul" ]
    local losMipLevel = modRules["sensors"]["los"]["losMipLevel"]
    local losSqSize = Game.squareSize * math.pow(2, losMipLevel)
    local losToElmos = losSqSize / losResMult

    -- in elmos
    local udefBaseSightDist = unitDef.losRadius * losToElmos

    -- assuming you have not called Spring.SetUnitSensorRadius
    assert(Spring.GetUnitSensorRadius(123, "los") / losSqSize == unitDef.losRadius)
    assert(Spring.GetUnitSensorRadius(123, "los") == unitDef.losRadius * losSqSize)

(feel free to put this in the wiki)


silentwings (reporter)

Ok, thanks very much, I'll add to the wiki.

Fwiw, literally all other los/sensor radius tags are in elmos, in both unit def files and the lua table, so imo it would be better if this one was too.


jK (developer)

with the next release the returned values are in elmos

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