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0004916Spring engineGeneralpublic2015-07-26 20:39
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Product Version100.0 
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Summary0004916: CMD.FIGHT implementation is too rigid
DescriptionEngine implementation of CMD.FIGHT is rigid.

The current implementation is so, that CMD.FIGHT issues CMD.ATTACK command to the euclidean nearest unit, that formally qualifies as target. Obviosly that target could be not the best or completely not appropriate at some stage of the game. Issues are:
1) No targetting priorities are queried during the selection
2) It's impossible to invalidate that target from unitscript or gadget

Proper implementation of CMD.FIGHT (for fighting domain) should
1) select target according to a priority returned by AllowWeaponTarget
2) also it should be possible to invalidate the current target, so re-targeting (according to priorities) is done.
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