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0004809Spring engineBuildbotpublic2015-09-24 21:59
Assigned Toabma 
Product Version98.0.1+git 
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Summary0004809: Java AI documentation is no longer being generated.

Apparently that is because [a cronjob created these files daily which got lost due to some server migration.
to fix this it has to be added to the buildslave... (=feature request)]

This is particularly relevant to recent advances which include much better ai/lua communication and TRP/GRP access.

Steps To Reproduce- go to wiki and find ai javadoc link
- link text says it's auto generated daily
- click the link
- it's not generated daily
- there is no cake
- the spoon is a lie
Additional InformationI've set this to have "minor" rather than "feature" severity, since as a regression, it does not qualify as a feature request in my perception.
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Anarchid (reporter)

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Can someone give me the instructions and/or the power required to fix this?

I need more power


abma (administrator)

instructions ~ doing it (there were no instructions at all how to generate them)

i've added at least a script now:



Anarchid (reporter)

Awesome! Does it mean it's auto-generated now and the ticket can be closed?


abma (administrator)

nope, it doesn't work yet :D


abma (administrator)

see http://buildbot.springrts.com/waterfall "doxygen"


abma (administrator)


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