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0004515Spring engineGeneralpublic2018-10-12 18:03
Assigned ToKloot 
Product Version97.0 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0004515: fighter and bomber aircraft "shake" sometimes when moving and turning
Descriptionthis is an old problem (happened before 91.0)

sometimes aircraft with "hoverAttack=false" (fighter/bomber, not gunship) move and turn smoothly, other times they shake (as if trying to make opposing maneuvers every other frame).
Steps To Reproduceon metal factions 0.7, spawn a few arm_freedom_fighter and arm_thunder and order them to attack ground, or just give them move and patrol orders and watch them for a while.

it also happens on xta 9.74, but it's less noticeable as aircraft are less maneuverable.

(metal factions aircraft maneuverability should be about halfway between OTA where aircraft could turn in place and XTA/BA where they need radiuses of 500-1000 to turn around)
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raaar (reporter)

figured out what causes it.

it often happens when aircraft are changing altitude (for example, during the initial take off).

it isn't very noticeable with the default values (which are commented below), but it becomes obvious if game devs try to make aircraft more maneuverable (very noticeable even if you use just twice the default value).

extreme example below:

    maxaileron=1.02; //0.01
    maxelevator=1.02; //0.01
    maxrudder=1.02; //0.01


abma (administrator)

related to 0003622 ?


raaar (reporter)

Maybe, but not directly.

The code that handles hovering aircraft(gunship, builder) is different from strafing aircraft (fighter/bomber)

I (mostly) fixed this for strafing aircraft here:

(didn't touch hovering aircraft code)


Kloot (developer)

Fix e4f8a39eb5bd30de45c6c4436c4e7a4641a059b0 committed to develop branch: fix 0004515 / add. bf22703f, repo: spring changeset id: 10869


Kloot (developer)

Fix 313c998e38f87050c56ec54aeb5ed8e85a60984f committed to maintenance branch: fix 0004515 / add. bf22703f, repo: spring changeset id: 10870

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