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0004319Spring engineGeneralpublic2017-09-13 19:35
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Product Version96.0.1+git 
Target VersionFixed in Version103.0 +git 
Summary0004319: invalid handling of CMD_RECLAIM / BuilderCAI.cpp:1567
Description[f=0001008] Error: Invalid command received: 90 param pos: x:32215.000000 y:102.533798 z:27.848511
Steps To Reproduceissue an area-reclaim command, if unit has to move, error is triggered
Additional Informationnot sure where the command comes from, command was already dropped before my change: https://github.com/spring/spring/commit/aabd1b4380c9357f8e9d45bf861fcd7bb7e919ea
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related to 0004309resolvedabma crash during game in non-main thread ( [safe_element const] index 1 out of bounds! (size 1) ) 



abma (administrator)

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validation test triggers the error, too:


but with CMD_MOVE (i guess its RAI)


cleanrock (developer)

The invalid reclaim command is caused BA widget cmd_wait_reclaim.lua
Spring.GiveOrderToUnit(unitId, CMD.INSERT, {1, CMD.RECLAIM, CMD.OPT_SHIFT, unpack(cQueue[1].params)}, {"alt"})


abma (administrator)

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idk if the command is invalid. i just added an error message, when a command is dropped.

needs investigation if its valid or not. either the check is wrong or the command is.


cleanrock (developer)

My guess is the BA command tries to sends some id in the x float, BA devs should look into this.


cleanrock (developer)

The error print is because the widget tries to reinsert the reclaim command which is a 5-param reclaim (tag, pos, radius).
The "Wait reclaim" widget is unnecessary (reclaim will pause on wait without it), correct me if i am wrong here.
The widget will not break anything since there is an extra reclaim command which is not removed.
IsCommandInMap do not cut it here because it dont support the 5-param reclaim with pos not at start.
I would call this a bit of a mess.


silentwings (reporter)


I don't know if that widget was ever needed, but it certainly isn't now.


cleanrock (developer)

Fyi, i am fixing RAI not sending invalid move commands.


cleanrock (developer)

I think validation tests are clean now (except for CAI).
abma, you think we can close this ?


abma (administrator)

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hm, not sure if 0004309 can still happen, as a part of the fix was reverted because it was invalid :-|


abma (administrator)

no release blocker imo (very old bug, crashes occurs VERY rarely and only on very specific packet corruption i guess)


sprung (reporter)

looks closable

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