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0003877Spring engineGeneralpublic2016-11-27 05:20
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Product Version94.1.1+git 
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Summary0003877: parametrization of vehicles reverse
DescriptionCurrent engine reverse is not usable, works just for small distances (no matter how it is calculated now). I would like to add option that will set the maximalDistance for which reverse will be used if next move order target is behind the unit.

There would be modrule in modrules.lua

reverseDistance = <integer>

if 0, default pathing decision is used (current defaults)
if more, its compared with orderDistance of next move order each time units execute new move order:

   if (orderDistance less then reverseDistance) and (orderPosition is between 4th and 8th oclock with given unit rotation), then reverse is used for unit
   else default pathing decision is used
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FLOZi (reporter)

Better per unitdef than a (ugly) modrule


PepeAmpere (reporter)

yes, you are true. But modrule is still needed for selection that i dont want to use default pathifinder choice of move


PepeAmpere (reporter)

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Is this hard to implement? For sure there will be needed one new unitDef, optional/possible one new modrule and update current reverse code to use this value.


Anonymous (viewer)

Fix d532e97328a21382682874d427048f24748ce985 committed to develop branch: fix 0003877 (via the SetGroundMoveTypeData interface), repo: spring changeset id: 6543


PepeAmpere (reporter)

maxReverseDistance is ignored by already reversing vehicles

- i guess the error is on line 2408 in the comparison logic values


1) Run Spring 103.0 with dev nota from commit (https://bitbucket.org/notagame/nota/commits/36556ff2f813c6f2bd5fd9285e33bb40d368c6ac)
2) /cheat
3) /give 20 correap
4) give it move which results in reverse
5) give it move which goes over whole map
6) (x) observe they still reverse over whole map

Btw, Reaper gets whats in unit def + Spring.MoveCtrl.SetGroundMoveTypeData(unitID, {maxReverseSpeed = ud.speed * 0.6, minReverseAngle = 110, maxReverseDist = 500}) once it is spawned.

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