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0003452Spring engineGeneralpublic2017-09-24 19:14
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Summary0003452: Freestyle camera slight stuttering/resist rapid zoom-in/out in 91.0.1-1323 (OMP)
DescriptionTested Spring 91.0.1-1323 ge82acc8 release (OMP)
and Freestyle camera is stuttering/resisting rapid zoom-in/out, as thought there is slight lag.

Additional information:
-The freestyle camera is controlled by LUA (by a widget called Combo Overhead/Freestyle Camera).
-I think its OMP causing the camera lag.
Checked infolog.txt for Errors
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jK (developer)

It's not, OMP even reduces the lag.
The lag is caused by ROAM which updates the terrain geometry when camera moves.


msafwan (reporter)

Recently I have tested Spring 92.

When I turn off ROAM it doesn't effect the camera's stutter, I also reduce ground detail as much as possible but it doesn't change anything.

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