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0002009Spring engineGeneralpublic2019-11-27 23:45
Assigned ToKloot 
Product Version0.81.2.1 
Target VersionFixed in Version0.82.0+git 
Summary0002009: Commander unloaded from trans survive adv fusion blast with almost no damage
DescriptionCommander is unloaded in the very instance the adv fusion explosion occurs.
Additional InformationUse the attached demo
/skip 800

Watch yellow com being dropped near the upper right
Blue player self-d the adv fusion, but com sustains almost no damage.
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Kloot (developer)

The explanation is simple.

1) Explosions need to search the quadfield for units to deal damage within the blast radius.

2) Units being transported do not update their quadfield position.

3) The cafus self-destructed just before the air-lifted commander updated its qf position again.

4) Therefore, as far as the explosion was concerned, there was no commander nearby at all.


zerver (reporter)

But there must be some way to work around this? How about forcefully update the quadfield at unload time?


Kloot (developer)

The window is at most 16 frames. That really does not seem worth it.


zerver (reporter)

Not worth it... well, it fixes a bug with no significant performance impact since unloading is a rare event. I will definitely try to fix it.


Kloot (developer)

It is the kind of hard-to-exploit bug that occurs in maybe 1 out of every 10000 games, and you did mark it as low priority, so...


Kloot (developer)

Fix f4342133ffe08f88920cb38076f84ae5c88f16f6 committed to develop branch: * fix 0002009 (sigh), repo: spring changeset id: 11517

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