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0000200Spring engineGeneralpublic2006-09-19 21:41
Assigned Totvo 
StatusresolvedResolutionwon't fix 
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Summary0000200: The gane desyncs me randomly
DescriptionIm playing a game using the AA 1.5 amd AA 1.48 mod and XTA on all three mods I have random desyncs. At the time of te desyncs i experince no lag or other problems when using the internet or ventrilo whic i use when playing. Usally a smoke animation such as smoke from a nuke rises from a random position.
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tvo (reporter)

what was the exact error message you got?


tvo (reporter)

doesn't seem like a bug, just lag
reopen if it still happens with 0.73 test build 3 or later

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