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0001880Spring engineGeneralpublic2019-11-19 18:10
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Product Version0.81.2 
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Summary0001880: Allow lasercannon to have gravity applied to the shot.
DescriptionI understand it is a laser cannon, but we do not always use it for that because it allows us to achieve a visual effect that is desired. However, the only weapons that obey gravity are canons not laser cannons and the canon graphics are terrible.

can someone add the code to allow the laser cannon to fire in an arc?
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FLOZi (reporter)

Why not just change the cannon graphics?


smoth (reporter)

Interesting question.

I guess because others already have a fondness for the cannon's look and might not want it to look like laser cannon?


Forboding Angel (reporter)

Moreso, you can do a lot with a bending laser projectile visually, and laser cannons are possibly the least annoying weapon in spring.


FLOZi (reporter)

I meant mod-side. Why are the options available for customising cannon graphics insufficient?


smoth (reporter)

They are insufficient because I don't want my shots to be a series of puffs.


Forboding Angel (reporter)



hoijui (reporter)

you should explain what exactly you want to achieve, and i am sure there is a better solution then what you proposed. for example, a new weapon type would be a more clean solution already, or maybe an alternative drawing method for cannon...


Forboding Angel (reporter)

Well the main idea is exactly what it seems. A laser cannon projectile with a trajectory affected by gravity.


hoijui (reporter)

that is what he thinks he needs to solve his problem, not what he wants to do. which is something with different drawing.


Forboding Angel (reporter)

No hoijui... I was on Teamspeak with smoth when he made this report. The point is that lasercannons are easy to deal with and every other weapontype in spring is a pain in the cock comparatively. As a result, what would be the best of all worlds? That's right. LaserCannons affected by mygravity.


hoijui (reporter)

mmm ... looks like you know it at least better then me, and as none of the other engine devs had anything against your idea, at least one of them will probably already be working on it, and if not, will at least do it sometime.
so all we have to do is wait for it.


sprung (reporter)

Cannon + DrawProjectile = NCR?

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