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0001743Spring engineGeneralpublic2016-02-03 22:13
Assigned ToKloot 
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Summary0001743: Fading features conflicts with far texture
Descriptionsee screenshot

(reproducible via `/distdraw 10`)
Additional Informationduno if the unit drawer is affected, too
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has duplicate 0002003resolvedKloot Features fade too fast 



zerver (reporter)

Do we really need the far-textures? Who uses it? Towards end-game, when performance really matters, all trees tend to be destroyed or reclaimed anyway.


hoijui (reporter)

far-textures work for units too, plus.. jk just fixed it now, cant throw it out again ;-)

... so the bug here is, that far-textures of features are shown where the real units would be faded out already? sounds like not too much work to fix if its that.


zerver (reporter)

Units, I see. Will have a look at it.


zerver (reporter)

I'm afraid I could not reproduce it with my ATI card (the Z order seems correct).


Kloot (developer)

ancient and fixed

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