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0001387Spring engineGeneralpublic2009-05-07 02:39
Assigned Tozerver 
Product Version0.78.2.1 
Target VersionFixed in Version0.78.2.1+git 
Summary0001387: Builder patrol reclaim / repair / ressurect behavior
DescriptionThere's a few irritating issues with the way patrolling units reclaim and repair.

1. Patrolling units will attempt to repair buildings / units being reclaimed by you or by friendly teams.
2. Patrolling units will attempt to reclaim units being resurrected by you or other friendlies.

Both resurrect and repair are deliberate actions taken by a player, so the patrol commands should probably "skip" units being reclaimed or resurrected. It is pretty irritating to have to "fight" your nanotowers or other units that are on patrol by turning off the patrol command or telling them to do something else.
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zerver (reporter)

This has been fixed already. Will be in next release.

I also added area reclaiming of units and "resurrection patrol" mode.

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