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0001304Spring engineGeneralpublic2009-05-07 20:59
Assigned Tozerver 
Product Version0.78.2.1 
Target VersionFixed in Version0.78.2.1+git 
Summary0001304: Zombie resurrection from underworld
DescriptionVery Simple.
Make a map deformation wirh a wreckage inside.
Restore map levels: the wreckage will be covered by rising terrain.
Now create some Rez-Bot.
Order Rez-Bot to Ressurect in an area where there is the covered wreckage.
The Wreckage will resurrect at the terrain level (apparently It appears).

If you restore map level with a living bot, it will be raised with the terrain level. The wreckage no.
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lycenhol (reporter)

Sorry, I've forgot to add a replay.
Replay needs BA 6.81 and DSD (wet :P).
Good Job!


zerver (reporter)

Although zombie resurrection might be fun indeed, this should be solved now.

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