Balanced Annihilation

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Balanced Annihilation is the long-term most popular game based at the Spring engine. It's based at three basic principles:

  • Refined Original Total Annihilation: BA's lineage traces back to fan mods of the original Total Annihilation. It feels similar, and play is more balanced for diverse multiplayer strategies.
  • Stable gameplay: Balanced Annihilation has matured through several years of playtesting. New versions don't drastically alter the gameplay. The current BA has an unstable testing fork called: Eternal Annihilation.
  • Balance: Every unit has a role, and no unit has every role. Very few units get truly obsolete as a game progresses. The ideal state is to have no obsolete units at all.


Balanced Annihilation mod started as a fork of Absolute Annihilation 2.23 in the end of 2006. Duo Beherith & Niobium have recently (April 2011) became the main BA's maintainers. The previous maintainers, who shouldn't be forgotten, were TheFatController and NOiZE.

Gameplay Guides

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Parts of this mod originate from non-free sources. However, there is an ongoing attempt to find and replace units' models with free ones.

See the forum discussion as: BA Reloaded


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