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PostPosted: 31 May 2012, 16:48 
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Clearly Simple_Mod_Tutorial is outdated.

I faintly recall having written most it it myself and I would like opinions on weather it should be marked as deprecated and unlinked from the turtorial section of Game_and_Unit_development or if it warrants updating.

I think, in it's time, it was a good primer to get people into the "feel" of making a game for SpringRTS so my preference would be to update it.

If I do so I will clearly need to engage some of you people who know how things are done now. I'm good at writing clearly and concisely, if I take my time, and I think this might be something I can "give back" to the community.

If I do choose to update it I'll use this thread to ask any questions I have.
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PostPosted: 01 Jun 2012, 13:36 
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The Simple_Mod_Tutorial page deals with too many things at once.
It tries to explain various files like modinfo.lua, armorDefs.lua etc but instead should just link to

It seems everybody seems to think "oh the wiki is such a mess: I will ignore everything that is there. instead i will make one large, really-good page that explains the universe and everything!"
But that is not how wiki works and it never worked. (see mapping too)
And even if one such good page was to be made, it would be a dead-end.

Instead of of these guides with lots of prosa text improve the pages that have real content on one subject.
The tutorials would then be like
First look at [[exporting your model to .s3o]]
then look at [[editing its unitDef]]
then look at adding effects by using [[CEGs]]

I mean download some tutomod and then look at - it is already almost a step-by-step guide.

Currently there are 3 different guides that explain the wings3D-upspring-ingame process, it should be one.
How many "lists of modding tools" are there? Countless...
Now how many of them are update to date?

imo ... pring_Game is slightly better (more comlete, better example files) but suffers from same problems listed above.
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PostPosted: 01 Jun 2012, 13:59 
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Alright, I've marked it as deprecated for now.

So my next thought would be to modify it so that there is a brief "this is what you are trying to do" paragraph for each step and then a link to a the right page to find out how to do that step... where such a page doesn't exist or isn't clear I might be able to recover some of what's in Simple Mod Tutorial page and move it to it's own page.
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