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Spring is a free RTS engine developed for Windows, Linux and Mac OS X

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☃ Happy Christmas
Posted by jK at 2014-12-24 12:41, 3 comments.
Best wishes to everyone :)
Spring 98.0 released!
Posted by abma at 2014-10-08 04:20, 42 comments.
I'm proud to announce Spring 97 98 which took a very long time because some new features were added and some very bad bugs were fixed. Overall performance should be improved in comparison to spring 96.0. We've switched to SDL2 which allows to switch between windowed and full-screen mode at runtime. Also we have added some nice new features:

More languages supported!
Thanks to utf8 being added to Spring, signs from more languages now display correctly:

Visual profiling and grapher that shows how Spring spends time:

You see that `Frame Grapher` which displays the last half second and its time slices.
green are video frames, red are simframes, blue is swapBuffer (gpu/vsync), pink is lua gc.
to enable, type /debug

KeyChains hotkeys
New hotkey system that allows for chained key presses, by new developer MajBoredom.

spring:// urls
spring can be started to connect to a server without the need of script.txt. see
viewtopic.php?f=12&t=31846 for more details.

luasocket default enabled
all tcp connections are allowed as default. This allows an ingame lobby for example.

Thanks to all of them who helped making this release possible! So many people helped in fixing bugs, testing, giving feedback and sent patches! Thanks a lot! This makes this project really fun!

The changelog contains more details.

Please test spring 98.0 as it will be set as default version on lobbyserver on Tuesday, 14. October ~20:00 gmt+1 if no blocking bug is found. 98.0 is default version on lobby server!

Most users won't need a download link, as lobbies can download them automatic. for the completeness:

Download Links

(spring 97.0 was skipped because it contained some major bugs)

meh, better screenshots welcome, its difficult to get nice screenshots at 800x600.

Note: Please report bugs to our bug-tracker, thanks!
Spring 96.0 released!
Posted by abma at 2014-01-03 18:37, 21 comments.
Spring 96.0 is a bugfix release, to kill fix some really annoying bugs:

Noteable fixes:
  • units jittering
  • memory leaks

thanks to all of them who helped making this release possible!

Please test spring 96.0 as it will be set as default version on lobbyserver on Thursday, 9. Jan ~23:00 gmt+1 if no blocking bug is found.

Download Links

The changelog contains more details

Happy new year!

Note: Please report bugs to our bug-tracker, thanks!

Edit: this time "enforcement" was slightly changed on the lobby server:

old springlobby versions (<0.180) and maybe other lobbies won't prompt for updating spring when connecting to the lobby server any more. The lobby server only tells on connect which is the default version of spring used on the server. The host can select which version it wants to use to host a game.

So this mainly is a multiengine version support enforcement, lobby clients not supporting multiple versions of spring, will have problems when joining games or hosting.
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