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0003062Spring engineGeneralpublic2012-04-15 16:292012-04-16 00:44
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Product Version89.0 
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Summary0003062: Allow lua to call SetStartPos and GameStart/ForceStart
DescriptionWe would like to replace/improve load screen.
Follow features would be handy:

* StartPosSelector allow chanigng startpos after ready
* SetStartPos exposed for lua (to let widget set startpos)
* ForceStart or GameStarting exposed for lua (to let gadget start the game)

In the future:
* ability to disable current gamesetup renderer so that lua can draw its own

Atm engine only provides:
 - GameSetup (callin for luaui) -> allows self ready (after that you cant change pos though)
 - AllowStartPos (callin for luarules) -> allows gadget to reject startpos

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jK (developer)
2012-04-16 00:25

erm ...
.. the GameSetup callin can disable the drawing.
.. changing startpos after ready doesn't make sense (neither logical nor code-wise)
Licho (reporter)
2012-04-16 00:32

no, GameSetup can only one time hide drawing and set ready and block startpos..
thats all that it can do ..

try it.
Licho (reporter)
2012-04-16 00:33

I mean returning ready hides gui, sets ready and disables ability to set startpos- > hardly ideal!

Combined with no way to force start game its pretty disasterous.
jK (developer)
2012-04-16 00:44

I explained that in the other ticket.

It wouldn't make sense to add such a synced function currently, cause there is no regular called synced lua callin in the ready up stage. Only AllowStartPosition and it's not regular. So it would be impossible e.g. to implement a timer that forcestart the game after 30sec.
For now you can send the command via the dedi server interface.

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