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Posted: 12 Mar 2018, 03:58
by Silentwings
2-16 players, 24x24 FFA map.

Features dynamic mex/geo placing, in FFA mode, in similar style to Oktogon.

16 players:

One of the possible 10 player configs:

The shallow acid water areas should act as a barrier to T1 attacks, which will lose a large % of their health if they try and walk through. However, they are not a barrier to heavier units, which have higher hp and can get through relatively unscathed. Hopefully this makes for some interesting play.

There are two map options:
  • 1. Acid water. Default on.
    2. Geothermal vent mode: (1) None (2) Random (3) Always. Default is random mode, meaning that in 20% of games, each occupied start positiong is also given a geovent (appearing in the position shown in the 16 player picture above).
Made with World Machine.

DL link: