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a bug.....

Posted: 27 Apr 2010, 09:16
by nightcold
basicly i faced this problem both in singel and online......(every time i turned the cursed on)


Re: a bug.....

Posted: 27 Apr 2010, 20:04
by azaremoth
Strange thing - does this happen with other Spring games (Gundam, BA, CA,...)? Are you using any special widgets? Have you tried to deactivate all widgets?
Is the bug still present when you have a clean install of Spring (without any additional widgets and stuff)?

Re: a bug.....

Posted: 28 Apr 2010, 20:31
by nightcold
all other spring games work fine.......

i went ahead and turned off all my wigs and it still dose not(turned turned a few things back on hoping things would magically work, be4 takeing the screenshot)....

something that might fix the issue: my computer is not too high tech(i play spring is the lowest settings), maybe there is some thing in cursed's ui that my computer can't handle(since this only hapens to me).....can you release a version with the old ui or something????

Re: a bug.....

Posted: 28 Apr 2010, 20:39
by CarRepairer
Type "/luaui disable" in the game and the UI and all widgets will be removed.