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Graphics issue

Posted: 20 Aug 2010, 16:15
by Viktor87
Hey guys,
I've been off of CA for a while (~5 months) due to a poor internet connection. Internet might be improving soon so I decided to check back in, see what has happened to the game, update my install etc... So I did that, updated to the latest spring version and downloaded the latest stable. Problem is, something happened to my shadows. CA says my hardware/software settings don't support them when I try to toggle shadows ingame, and turning them on through Spring Settings also has no effect.
I used to have shadows and now I don't. No idea what happened.
I have an old computer, I've complained about it before- ancient Mobility Radeon 9600 graphics card. Still, it used to run shadows in CA. Anything I can do? Driver is up to date as far as I know, they stopped releasing new versions a while ago...
Game looks rather ugly without shadows.


Re: Graphics issue

Posted: 21 Aug 2010, 03:47
by Pxtl
I used to run with a Radeon 9600, and I used to get shadows on that too... but it killed my framerate. Is it just a problem in CA, or does it appear in other mods?

The Spring developers have been doing really nice stuff with ground textures, so I wouldn't be surprised if older cards like that are losing support for this feature.

Remember that, in a pinch, CA has some blob-shadow widgets that you can use in lieu of Spring shadows. They're much uglier, but they don't kill your FPS to use them.

Re: Graphics issue

Posted: 21 Aug 2010, 13:51
by Licho
Thats normal in new spring. You have to try different drivers.
10.7 have shadows, but dont have unit textures.
You can also try enabling atihacks in config file.

Re: Graphics issue

Posted: 22 Aug 2010, 17:38
by Rafal99
I have display driver version 10.2 on my Radeon 9600 Pro, and it runs without any major problems. All earlier versions caused various graphics bugs to me. Spring is set to minimal settings, no idea about AtiHacks, can't find it in settings, is it still there?

Also hello back Victor!
We had some nice 1v1s back then. :)

Re: Graphics issue

Posted: 22 Aug 2010, 18:48
by Licho
In springdownloader go to settings, click graphics and pick edit engine configuration file.

You can try enabling atihacks there.