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PostPosted: 31 May 2011, 00:19 
Spring Developer

Joined: 31 May 2009, 23:08
Date: 30-5-2011
Present: Tobi, zerver, jK, abma, Kloot

  • release plan
    conclusion: we will soon make a release, even if it contains major bugs to get testers and bug reports
  • merge ... 2a0f0e7bc9 (isolated mode) ?
    conclusion: isolation mode is merged in master
  • merge ?
    conclusion: seedbs pull request was rejected because no change is required (the build-system uses the headers available on the building host)
  • is time for meeting ok ?
    conclusion: meeting time is fine, we try to start exact at 9 pm next time
  • Anything else?
    conclusion: jk made a vote to get a name for his changes: viewtopic.php?t=26141 please vote after reading the description!

________Release plan
<zerver>We have a few weeks to make a release before vacations start I guess
<abma>yes, true...
<zerver>What is the status for pathing issues?
<Kloot><== still waiting for a mantis report with summary
<zerver>okay, from anyone special, or do you want help from just anyone
<zerver>personally, im unaware of the issue
<Kloot>no, I just want to know what the issues are supposed to be
<Kloot>(in more detail)
<zerver>okay, i guess you should ask whomever compained in the first place to provide a report
<Kloot>nobody actually complained afaik, but hoi mentioned there were some in a previous meeting
<jK>performance may be a problem
<Kloot>maybe, it is a bit slower because more corner cases are handled
<zerver>if hoi cant provide a good report, i'd suggest just release and let actual games show where the problem lies
<zerver>so, we wait another week for bug report, and if none comes we release?
<Kloot>if there are no other major outstanding problems left
<zerver>sounds good, ill disable the dynsun and merge MT

________merge ... 2a0f0e7bc9 (isolated mode) ?
<abma>anything against it?
<abma>+1 for making a release...
<abma>there are so many bad tested changes
<zerver>it will probably be a failed release, but that I see no other way to progress :)
<abma>yep, i think so too
<Kloot>this is why releases need to be made at least every 6 months, or the engine gets stuck in development hell
<zerver>devs get lazy too, when there is no action
<zerver>true portable isolation mode looks good to me
<abma>ok, i'll merge it then, as i can't see a reason why not to do it
<jK>isn't that already merged?
<jK>where are the differences to the old if not?
<abma>lol, i don't really know
<zerver>wasn't it the rename to isolation mode?
<zerver>iirc we didn't like the "true isolation" terminology
<abma>ehm, yes
<abma>the branch wasn't renamed
<zerver>i mean "true portable" ofc
<zerver>no complaints, so go ahead and merge

________merge ?
<abma>ehm, jk: you answered to that pull request, but there is no real conclusion
<abma>delete these files, because they are not needed?
<jK>never used the word `delete`
<jK>not even that
<abma>"glxext.h etc. don't need to get updated. They are deprecated and never officially updated, the only things that needs an update from time to time are the GLEW files in mingwlibs."
<jK>I only said that the change isn't needed and explained him how to update GL headers correctly
<abma>so, these files have to keep as is?
<abma>because of headless build
<jK>it is a *no change required*
<abma>ok, then i'll close the pull request...
<abma>thx for the explanation

________is time for meeting ok?
<abma>was by me
<abma>as nearly all are here, i think its ok
<Kloot>time of the meeting is not the cause of lower attendance im
<jK>yeah, monday is okay and much better than sunday was
<jK>currently there are just less topics, perhaps reduce meetings to all 2weeks?
<abma>hm, in general i like the weekly approach, its easier to know when is meeting
<abma>maybe we could try to keep it a bit shorter if possible
<jK>last `meetings` were short
<zerver>a release will change that :P
<abma>hmm, ok shorter meetings not possible
<Tobi>time is fine for me
<zerver>problem is maybe that meetings tend to take 30mins before == Welcome ==
<abma>hm, that could be shortened a bit, yes
<zerver>a waste of time unless you happen to be sitting in front of the computer anyway
<abma>ok, it looks like its ok as it is
<abma>its not perfect, but it seems to work
<zerver>i'd say we try to reduce 30mins to 15 to begin with
<Tobi>we could just actually start at 9 precise
<abma>we can try, yes
<Tobi>I would prefer that too, cause now I'm often already doing something completely different and forgot to even look in the meeting again :)
<zerver>everyone set alarm to 8:55 to have time for the espresso machine
<jK>hehe yeah, that's the cause why answers sometimes take ages
<zerver>* slurp *
<jK>and ppl just wait for somebody to wake up
<abma>yes, true
<abma>so... next "point"?
<abma>next week same time?
<abma>yep, from here, too

________Anything else
<jK>any new ideas for widget/gadgets main categorie?
<Kloot>I liked springlet best
<zerver>yeah, thats nicce
<zerver>ISUMC (incredibly slow user-mode code)
<Tobi>scriptlet +1 from me
<Tobi>springlet is okish too
<jK>scriptlet is more selfexplaining
<jK>but there is already LUS
<abma>hmm... unified script handler?
<abma>hm, springlet sounds nice, but imo it doesn't fit here
<abma>or did i missunderstood?
<abma>its for the handler or for the scripts?
<zerver>for the scripts I think, and the handler
<jK>the handler needs a name for those lua scripts
<jK>the handler is just `handler`
<abma>...widget, gadget, springlet ...fits good?
<abma>thats stuff programmers don't want to answer :D
<jK>and what is with sprocket or just `plugin`
<Kloot>sprocket would be better if the spring logo showed a gear, not a stylized sun
<zerver>sprocket is for bikes :)
<abma>SpringApp :-P
<zerver>or maybe mod, since we abandoned that term in favor of games?
<jK>hmmm mods would be good, but think it is too early to use that term for other things yet
<zerver>yeah, might cause confusion
<jK>i hate name finding >_<
<abma>gadget widget -> wadget :-D
<zerver>hmm... modget actully doesn't sound that bad, only it is very close to midget
<abma>[LCC]jK: in general its a lua-script, like gadgets/widgets?
<jK>it is a categorie
<jK>it will get find usage in handler.dooda (table of all loaded doodas), handler:UpdateDooDaCallIn(), handler:RemoveDooDa() ...
<abma>what will this scripts do?
<jK>they will be either gadgets or widgets
<abma>aaah, ok
<abma>so, springlet fits very well
<abma>hmm, damn
<abma>make a poll?
<jK>yeah should have enough names for a poll now
<zerver>I vote for spridget
<abma>hm, with pool i thought about a poll in the forum
<zerver>ah, i thought a devs only poll
<abma>we have 10 ideas and 5 people who can vote
<zerver>shall I make the poll?
<jK>already making
<jK>list of options
<zerver>some are singular form, other plural
<zerver>that needs to be fixed
<zerver>and put them in alphabetic order
<abma>hm.. plugin is confusing
<abma>should be something individual
<zerver>but this is a vote, so you are overruled
<jK>3 or 5 votes?
<jK>per user
<abma>3 should be enough?
<jK>there are 13 options
<jK>hmm I will set it to 4
<jK>too many things sound similar, so ppl want more things
<jK>+to vote
<abma>i'm afk now
<abma>about the release: what needs to be done?
<abma>doc/releasechecklist.txt ?
<abma>Kloot, [LCC]jK, [RoX]Tobi, zerver: ping :)
<Kloot>if it is going to be an official release, you'll want to do all those steps yes
<Kloot>(official as in deployed on server)
<Kloot>for an "RC" just link to a buildbot installer in a flashy news post
<abma>i asked because of changelog
<abma>i think this should be made for an rc, too?
<Kloot>preferably, but most important for those is to mention the major changes
<Kloot>ie. things most likely to have been broken
<abma>git diff --stat
<abma> 1771 files changed, 276692 insertions(+), 69005 deletions(-)
<Kloot>full-detail log can follow later
<abma>most additions are because of assimp

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PostPosted: 31 May 2011, 01:14 

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one of the links is broken
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PostPosted: 31 May 2011, 04:24 
Spring Developer

Joined: 31 May 2009, 23:08
thanks! was because the branch was merged + deleted. i updated the links.
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PostPosted: 31 May 2011, 09:07 
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Can I go into testing/bug report mode? Or should I hold off until test release?
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PostPosted: 31 May 2011, 23:20 
Spring Developer

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i think its better to wait for the release. but testing is always good as to few people do it with spring/master builds.
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PostPosted: 01 Jun 2011, 00:30 
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Ok, did a batch of tests anyway, and I apologize for the report spam.
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PostPosted: 01 Jun 2011, 00:51 
Spring Developer

Joined: 31 May 2009, 23:08, please always test if you can and reports bugs! imo the devs need always feedback.

as we hopefully get a test-release soon, it would make more sense to take the same time to test the release-candidate as there are currently some branches not merged into the master. (which could lead to new bugs)
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PostPosted: 01 Jun 2011, 09:15 
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Location: Finland
I'm impressed with how serious spring community has become, better organised than many small companies. We even have meeting minutes.

Keep up the good work!
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PostPosted: 01 Jun 2011, 12:52 
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Is there still a way to get (windows binary) test versions of the engine to see if games will work with next release?
Probally on but I am not sure what to download.
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PostPosted: 01 Jun 2011, 13:34 
Spring Developer

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@knorke: and there the newest build, currently ... -g23695d2/
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PostPosted: 01 Jun 2011, 15:38 
Content Developer
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Is the new game end condition code coming this version?
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PostPosted: 01 Jun 2011, 17:25 
Spring Developer

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@smoth: yes: ... me_end.lua
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PostPosted: 01 Jun 2011, 22:54 
Content Developer
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f yeah! I presume it will work out of box but we can alter it as needed or do I need to start readying some kind of release?
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