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PostPosted: 02 Dec 2011, 20:59 

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SanadaUjiosan wrote:
Pxtl wrote:
So if I want to use your CT content to build a completely-new game from scratch, that's cool?


Thanks for the meteor model, I use it in my game. It makes a great falling rock.

Very cool :o

Thank you creating metor resource - the rock I wanted.
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PostPosted: 08 Jan 2012, 07:11 
Conflict Terra Developer
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So, after almost 2 months of officially being closed, and several more months of being inactive, I have decided I'm going to start working on CT again. Work will not resume immediately (I want to get tired of Skyrim first 8) ) but it will begin soonish. In the meantime I am writing down and drawing the ideas that come to me, so that I will have plenty of fuel for when I do start.

First Goals For the Comeback
* For a while I intend on fleshing out the game a little graphically. This'll call for some model revisions, some complete redesigns, more work on animations, probably some CEG work, that sort of thing. Little things I didn't "have time for" before, but want to fix now that I'm starting fresh.
* The NKG navy will be redesigned and implemented.
* In the time since we officially closed development, I've actually been trying to flesh out and draw up details on a backstory and universe for CT. Things are still vague, but they are coming together. I plan on slowly working on that, and implementing whatever I can in-game to hopefully spice the game up a bit.
* I have some ideas for changing how cruisers are built and brought into the battlefield. This'll require some gadget writing, BUT... I plan on also trying to actually learn a little bit of code. Hopefully I can achieve this one! :-)

Eventually, once most of the dust from the above has settled, I want to start working on the PN. Oksnoop won't be joining me this time, and I want to realize the ideas he had come up with for the PN, to give CT another full sized and proper civ. And although I may not come up with the best ideas, I do want to make it feel and work differently than the NKG. That will be a ways down the road, so here's hoping to a smooth-ish road.

So why did I decide to start working on CT again?

As I mentioned, shortly after we closed development I started thinking a lot about the backstory to the game, and really started to lay down the framework for a world for CT to exist in. I did this not intending to work on the game anymore, but instead to just kind of keep flexing my creative muscles. The more I worked on it and thought about it, the more I missed working on the game, until I finally decided to just suck it up and start again.

So, here's to a fruitful year and joyful progress!
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PostPosted: 08 Jan 2012, 09:13 
Journeywar Developer & Mapper
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Modding: Makes you stay true to your new years promises!

Happy to see you back again. Surely you will learn to appreciate the great changes that have come over CT since i became lead dev.

First its not comic-style anymore. Thought a more TA-ish polished grim future style would be more fitting.

Second we have added some units, renamed some, change stats and modells for nearly all. The balance is now more resembling BA.

Third. Consequently we now call it CTA, you are welcome to contribute, our testgames are open 25/7 thanks to some generous BA server.

If you want, you can fork CTA anytime.

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PostPosted: 08 Jan 2012, 10:23 
Community Representative
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oksnoop and sanada-widget-san
they had a really good go
their mod was fun
it was well designed; it had a certain flow

the slowly curving hills suggest
a cuddly, welcoming game
but as the resident pros might protest,
you've leaving filled with shame.

wombat challenged me, for my first game
perhaps on comet catcher
and by the end i'd come up lame
my ass stretched wide by that polish bastard.

it was a game of "ship goes forward like a com"
that i couldn't get the hang of
a player from a central american country i've never heard of
blew up my ship and cut my wang off.

but the curse of the "spring community" struck,
came to a mods' doom again;
another brave insolubility's luck
left us just with fleeting friends

but projects have a way of coming back;
like zombies from the dead
once again will we these battles enact
my fart smells like olives and mouldy bread
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PostPosted: 08 Jan 2012, 22:43 
AI Coder
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Thank goodness, if you hadn't noticed Conflict Terras Moddb feeds are all pulled into SpringInfo, if you've any youtube feeds let me know, and do make announcements on moodb soon!
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PostPosted: 09 Jan 2012, 01:24 
Conflict Terra Developer
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Ah Kaiser, your song/poem was so nice :P

I'll go ahead and update modDB sometime soon. I can't guarantee regular updates for modDB or other things, but hopefully I can kind of clean up the page and make it more presentable.

There's no youtube feeds, never did make a video. That might happen sometime in the distant future.
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