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Forgive SaturnV

Posted: 17 Dec 2022, 14:57
by Ares
Monday will mark the 568th day of SaturnV's ban. I ask this unjust ban be removed in the spirit of forgiveness .

SaturnV proved to everyone how deeply he cares for this community and doesn't deserve to be banned.

peace and Christmas blessings.

Re: Forgive SaturnV

Posted: 07 Jan 2023, 18:21
by raaar
Dealing with recurring negativity and drama can be very draining for devs and players alike, but....For what it's worth, I agree. I think permabans should be reserved for special cases that are more destructive (like deliberately breaking infrastructure, disabling servers and such).

It might be a good idea to update the rules and revert a set of permabans instead of doing it for 1 specific user. At this point i doubt any of them will post here, since we mostly use discord now :/