Hosting replays

Hosting replays

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Hosting replays

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While continuing to chew on some things that totally don't affect the work required to do this I've been experimenting with a number of things.

And I come to battle hosting. Hosting in the capacity that SpringLobby does seems simple and well documented enough on its own, but there's the idea of hosting replays that I'd really like to understand. As of a few days ago my lobby can launch replays to watch back, but now I'm looking for guidance on hosting them for other players.

I've found the "type" parameter in the OpenBattle command and I'm assuming the engine start scripts will be simple enough. I'm just checking if anyone knows anything I need to be aware of.

A question to start with, just how important is that "type" parameter, and is there any support for it implemented in other clients that would be relevant?
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