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Shard config for NOTA

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Re: Shard config for NOTA

Post by yuritch » 30 Sep 2013, 15:38

My config is based around base mentality (because of the way NOTA builders work), this approach might not work all that well with BA's mobile constructors. Things to look at are AA and antinuke placement.
Also it does nothing to keep the commander out of harm's way (again because NOTA coms are immobile), that WILL be an issue in BA :)
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Re: Shard config for NOTA

Post by zoggop » 04 Oct 2013, 20:10

Yeah, I had to gut the parts that had to do with immobile builders. But your config had helpful ideas (raiders, bombers, mex upgrading, run from attack, your taskqueues function hierarchy) to build upon. re: the commander, yeah, it still needs to be a bit less brash. Currently, everything including the commander runs away to the biggest friendly weapon that's not itself. But it will still walk into enemy territory until it gets shot once.
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