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SpringLobby hard to use??

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Re: SpringLobby hard to use??

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You still reading this thread? Well, here's my two cents:

- Overall, I think SpringLobby works great and does what it's supposed to do. The integrated map/mod download is nice, as well as the map display, and the options from the various mods that you can set from the lobby.
- One thing I don't like is that the interface is laggy, mostly when I try to select a battle
- It may have something to do with how I sorted them, but battles jump around in the list, which makes it hard to read it or select one.
- As some other people said, there's no visual feedback when you click to download a map or mod, and they don't necessarily show in the download tab, either... this last one is probably the biggest turnoff for beginners (who are not in computer science...)

Nitpicking: shouldn't it say "game" instead of "mod", since apparently you're trying to switch to this new term? I wonder if it'll catch on, though.
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Re: SpringLobby hard to use??

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spring lobby sux i maed a thread about it ages ago

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Re: SpringLobby hard to use??

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