Submission rules

Submission rules

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Submission rules

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1. Clean posts: Much of this stuff will be shown in places where it's basically the public face of spring. No swearing, no sexual references, no racism or crude humor, and if you have screenshots containing violence, keep them at the PG-13 level.

2. Keep it non-trivial: It's up to moderator discretion what is considered news and what isn't... but as a guide line, a final version map release would be at the minimum in scale to be valid news. Other things we'll support; major community events like public tournaments, model pack releases (no single model releases), development application releases, mod and game milestone releases, the completion of major tutorials, and development milestones.

3. Follow the community rules: Trying to sneak in flames against another users in valid news, or other stuff that will create drama, is a great way to have your valid submission not accepted.

4. Respect Content creators: Posting news is the right of a content creator releasing content to the community. Unless you have express permission, do not post in a content creator's stead. If a content creator gives you permission to post news about their content to our site, that is fine, but fundamentally they should be allowed control over how their project is advertised to some degree, and we respect that.

5. Include an image! (or 5): People like images, Give them something to look at!
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