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TASClient (latest version available here)

Discuss the source code and development of Spring Engine in general from a technical point of view. Patches go here too.

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Re: TASClient (latest version available here)

Post by TradeMark »

can you make ring button for host only when im not host?
(i know you can type /ring, but its more convenient to use mouse)

can you also make it show how many players there are in the room, without looking in the game list or calculating it by using own brain?
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Re: TASClient (latest version available here)

Post by Satirik »

ok now im not the "tasclient maintainer" anymore, i'll commit some shit sometimes ... but don't ask me anything just download and use springlobby ty (and don't forget that instead of crying for something you want in the lobby ... it is open source)

please lock this topic ty
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Re: TASClient (latest version available here)

Post by LordMatt »

Locked at OP's request.
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